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Our activities

Currently, while our country is forced to defend its independence and sovereignty from the Russian aggressor, the activities of our organization are primarily aimed at helping its citizens in need. We focused on helping our compatriots, cooperating with our foreign partners and the network of public organizations within Ukraine.
Initially, in 2015, a group of active and creative volunteers understood that they have one strong wish to create something that can help other people to develop themselves, to get an education and create better conditions for their lives. These people took the decision to launch and populate social activities and create a better world. In this way after some meetings for coffee, hot discussions and even argues was created our NGO “Unit”. Even after two years of successful work this NGO is still staying their favorite child.

Our activities:

  • Organization of projects within the Erasmus + program (Outdoor generation, Sports Live, One nation – many lives, Innovative Tools for Peace Education etc.);
  • Cooperation with USAID and the Polish embassy;
  • Educational events for young people about  features of writing grant applications and receiving external funding for the organization of an international project;
  • Activities for creating a platform for the unification and cooperation of Ukrainian NGOs (we have already organized pieces of training on strategic planning and capacity building).
  • Volunteering / Trainings
  • Hate speech . Human rights / Peace building
  • Ecology and environment
  • Education
  • Self-development/ Life learning/ Wellbeing
  • Migration /IDP
  • Conflicts
  • Gender Equality
  • Social inclusion / Social entrepreneurship
  • Personal development
  • Unemployment / Labour market

All our training and activities are based on methods of non-formal education (ice-breaker, team building, role-playing games, simulation, etc).