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About us

NGO Unit is a non-governmental organization founded in 2015 by active and creative volunteers who want to change the world for the better.

The organization aims to:

Develop international and regional cooperation in scientific, educational, cultural, and recreational areas. We care about protecting rights, inclusion, and freedoms; social, economic, cultural satisfaction through supporting the local initiatives in various spheres of life. We implement the best national and international experience and multiple forms of local democracy. We care about the environment and the problem that we have with nature.

The objectives of the Organization are:

  • Support local democracy development;
  • Share ideas through governments and civil society;
  • Implement the principles of social justice and social partnership in a society;
  • Organization and participation in activities intended to improve cultural, educational, environmental, recreational areas of society;
  • Conduct programs aimed at supporting community initiatives in education, arts, sports, environment, human rights, inclusion, and the development of civil society;
  • Creating conditions for active participation of youth associations in the state-building process and the development of local democracy;
  • The inclusion of people with fewer opportunities into society.

Our vision. NGO Unit aims to inspire young people to build together a democratic society, to become more social, more active, more environmentally-concerned people. We believe youth have enough power to change their realities. We aim to empower youth through non-formal educational activities and initiatives.

Our mission. NGO Unit aims to:

  • Activate young people to take the initiative in social life;
  • Build a strong partnership at local and international levels to open borders of possibilities for young people in education, economic, environmental, and sports development, and inclusion;
  • After Covid 19 to help with the adaptation of people into the digital world and support families of people with mental disabilities;
  • To promote personal development and wellbeing at national and international levels.

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