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Erasmus+ project in Georgia Dec`18. Feedback

Наші Anastasia Karlova та Constantin Chernishov розповідають про свій перший досвід участі у програмі #erasmus та проекті Disseminate your action, що відбувся 3-10 грудня у несамовитій Грузії.

For 2 Ukrainian participants winter started from enormously international Erasmus+ project “Disseminate Your Action”.
Between 3-10th of December . 32 participants from 14 countries (Malta, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Greece, Jordan, Spain, Turkey, Tunisia and Ukraine) were gathered in Bakuriani, Georgia.
During the project the participants have explored such topics as
#social media management,
#Facebook ad campaigns,
#innovative ways of content-making for social media platforms,
#civil journalism,
#blogging and corporate social responsibility.
The participants put into action the lessons learnt by analysing the communication strategies of their NGOs and providing further recommendations as well as creating blog posts and short movies on various topics of social importance.
Anastasia Karlova: It was my first Erasmus+ project – and the best experience ever! We had great mix of people with really useful information, cases, assignments. I got the push for learning PPC marketing, improved my English and made new friends. It was a chance to challenge myself in activities I had never done before, went out of comfort zone. Definitely, great initiative and opportunity for youth which I would love to repeat again.
Constantin Chernishov: This project gave me opportunity to share my expertise in SMM and video-creating with others – and I really enjoyed this process! It was great chance for improve teamwork and leadership skills during assignments and learn more about so many countries during cultural evening, Also, we presented Ukraine – it was bright and cheerful with dancing, clothes, food.
We would like to express our gratitude to the Trainer Zura Balanchivadzeand guest speakers: Salome Sulaberidze Sophie Datishvili Nato Belkania for cooperation and active involvement in the project cycle.
The applicant organization for the project was “The Mosta Youth Empowerment Centre (MYEC)” from Malta and hosting organization “International Center for Peace and Integration” – ICPI from Georgia.

Більше про результати проекту – за посиланням.