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Standing with Ukraine: how to help Ukrainians and support activities of NGO Unit

We all know that the situation in Ukraine now is terrible. Our country is in a state of war started by Russia 8 years ago, which grew into the full-scale destruction of the country and killing of civilians. Our citizens are actively joining volunteering initiatives. Though millions of people lost their homes and were forced to leave the country in search of shelter.  Those who stayed in the cities without the opportunity to leave are there without jobs, money and even food. A lot of families and people in Ukraine stayed with no financial support with small children, old parents and people with disabilities. Those who are helping to others are loosing their lives. 

NGO Unit is trying to be efficient in the current situation and to do our best we can. Our representatives now are safe so we have human resources to provide support. We tried to help in different ways by providing humanitarian aid, but as practice showed, most of times it is a very long process and people need help urgently.

So we decided to provide direct financial support to those families in need because it is faster and covers their urgent needs. Up until now, we managed to support more than 300 families who appeared in hard life circumstances. We are fulfilling our tasks with our initiative and with support of partners and concerned people.

We want to be flexible and ready to react fast on numerous situations occuring. We have experienced that in this case direct money transfer is one of the best options. For example, we supported a private group of people who organized the evacuation of more than 120 people from Chernigiv city and saved their lives. Chernigiv is in a humanitarian crisis now. No heating, no electricity, no water, almost all of the city was destroyed, many people died.

For that reason, we turn to partners for support! We continue to raise money for such flexible and fast help for people in need in Ukraine. Therefore, we collect charitable financial support at the account of the organization and the personal account of organization’s president Olena Manko (to speed up the procedure). As long as possible we keep internal reports with our accountant and records of funds, and ask those who receive help to send us evidence in the form of photos of expenses and checks as far as possible for them to do it. All our recipients are verified, they are clients of our national network of organizations and institutions who work with people in need, or familiar organizations, families and groups of people.

If you personally, your friends, your organization want to support our campaign and the work we are currently implementing, you can send money to the personal account of organization’s president  Olena Manko.

Name of the holder:

NGO Unit

Account number: 26007056117604

IBAN: UA213807750000026007056117604

Name of the bank: PRIVATBANK


Postal address: 34/154, Symyrenko Str. Kyiv, 03134, Ukraine

Postal address (bank): 50, Naberejna Peremogi Str. Dnipro, 49094, Ukraine

For information, please contact Olena Manko, president, EVS coordinator, NGO Unit, tel. +380634006638, E-mail: o.manko@ngo-unit.org

Or Olena’s personal account for EU zone

Olena Manko


IBAN BE61 9672 3761 6317

Address: Wise Avenue Louise 54, Room S52 Brussels 1050 Belgium

Note: support for Ukraine

We will be grateful for any support in any amount. And we are ready to provide you with photos, stories, and contacts of our recipients. We believe that we are doing the right thing in this difficult time and can improve at least a little bit the lives of people in need. Any single euro can be a loaf of bread that saves lives!