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Support Ukraine – opened fund raising

Support Ukraine – opened fund raising

Dear friends,

as you know, our organization is now focused on helping our country!

With the resources of our team and with the help of our partners, we continue to provide financial and humanitarian support to those who currently need it most – families with children with disabilities, the elderly, families deprived of their homes and funds.

Within last few days, we have been able to help 100 families from Chernihiv and 70 families from Bucha. We provide direct financial support, as well as food, warm clothing, medicine, linen and hygiene products. Through our efforts, we have collected humanitarian aid in Slovakia with medicines, food, hygiene products and sleeping bags , which is now heading to Pokrovsk (Donetsk region). Electrical generators for civil people in cities without electricity were purchased, as well as sleeping bags and mats.

Every day we receive more and more requests that we are unable to process because we are lack of the funds to support everyone in need.

Therefore, today, we appeal to you to join and unite our efforts together to help Ukrainians who are indigent.

We are announcing a fundraising that will go to support Ukrainian families. If you have the opportunity now to financially support victims of the war, join our gathering:

Name of the holder:

NGO Unit

Account number: 26007056117604

IBAN: UA213807750000026007056117604

Name of the bank: PRIVATBANK


Postal address: 34/154, Symyrenko Str. Kyiv, 03134, Ukraine

Postal address (bank): 50, Naberejna Peremogi Str. Dnipro, 49094, Ukraine


Organisation’s president personal account for EU zone

Olena Manko


IBAN BE61 9672 3761 6317

Address: Wise Avenue Louise 54, Room S52 Brussels 1050 Belgium

Note: support for Ukraine

Together we will win! Glory to Ukraine!


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