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Підтримай Україну

Our previous experience

NGO Unit is a non-governmental organization founded in 2015 by active and creative volunteers who want to change the world for the better.

In the Peace time the organization aims to:

Develop international and regional cooperation in scientific, educational, cultural, and recreational areas. We care about protecting rights, inclusion, and freedoms; social, economic, cultural satisfaction through supporting the local initiatives in various spheres of life. We implement the best national and international experience and multiple forms of local democracy. We care about the environment and the problem that we have with nature.

The objectives of the Organization are:

– Support local democracy development  

– Work with youth and children with disabilities

– Implement the principles of social justice and social partnership in a society;

– Involving of people with fewer opportunities to active social life;

– Organization and participation in activities intended to improve cultural, educational, environmental, recreational areas of society;

– Inclusion of different groups;

– National and international networking and cooperation in different topics


Since the beginning of the war on 24th February we focused our efforts and activities on helping the victims of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine

Our country is in a state of war started by Russia 8 years ago which grew into the full-scale destruction of the country and killing of civilian people, children– this is a genocide and terrorism. Our citizens are actively joining the volunteering initiatives. Though millions of people lost their homes and were forced to leave the country in search of shelter. Those who stayed in the cities without the opportunity to leave are there without jobs, money and even food. Those who are helping to others are loosing their lives.

We have strong national network of NGO’s and other organizations and institutions on territory of Ukraine who are working with the most vulnerable groups in the regions most affected by the war. Together we are running initiatives to transport people from dangerous regions and providing shelters in the safe cities in Ukraine. We united together to do our best as active citizens to support our country.

What do we do?

Together with our partners from different regions we aim to be efficient and to react relevantly to current situation. Within our organization we now have human resources to create opportunities and provide support. We tried to help in different way, by providing humanitarian aid, but people need help urgently and the process took too long. So we find it that to provide direct financial support to families in need – is the most efficient way.

We want to be flexible and ready to react to emerging demand fast. In this case direct money transfer is one of the best options when it is possible. Trough our network we are collecting requests for help that we can deliver quickly and directly to recipients. This way we avoid complicating bureaucratic procedures with complex reporting that people are physically unable to access due to present war conditions. And we react as soon as possible, helping every initiative or directly supporting people in need.

Activities we’ve already provided

Support of families in hard life circumstances from different cities.  (First help went to the families who has children with disabilities)

Up until now, we managed to support more than 100 families in additionally hard life circumstance, like clients of rehabilitation centers with hard mental and/or physical disorders and their families. Families with many children, who stayed in Ukraine, lonely old people, some families that stayed without money. We supported them with financial aid from 3000 to 10000 UAH (100-300 Euro). This money they can spend on their urgent needs like food, medicines, hygiene products, etc.

Support of families from Bucha – town where the most horriblу genocide occurred that shocked the whole world

We supported with money (6000UAH around 200 euro for family) families who left from the totally destroyed Bucha town (Kyiv district). Those people were occupied in unhuman conditions. We heartily want to support them more.

Support for families from Kherson, Kharkiv and others who stayed without apartment and place to live

Purchase of warm clothes and underwear for people in shelters in Zhytomyr.

We received request from our partners and bought few thousands of warm clothes for people in bomb shelters.

Organization of evacuation from the city of Chernihiv (10 000 people was already evacuated)

The state organizes the evacuation of citizens, but the capabilities and speed of this evacuation, unfortunately, are limited. We fund and help private groups of volunteers to evacuate with their own vehicles. We have a contact person, a volunteer who organizes this private evacuation. We have already transferred more than 4000 EUR for fuel, vehicle repairs and necessities for evacuation. The evacuation is being carried out in very difficult and unsafe conditions, but (from our budget) we have managed to evacuate more than 500 people from the dangerous city to the Kyiv railway station so far, and we are continue.

Support of IDPs camps

For now through our members and local partners we helped to organize and set up a camp for internally displaced persons in the city of Pokrovsk, Donetsk region. People are coming there from the city Volnovaha and Mariupol and other dangerous regions. There they can stay to the rest, eat, take shower and continue their trip or stay for a longer time. We transferred money for equipment, products, medicine and all necessary to help people. And we continue to support this camp. We have requests from a few more camps in different regions of Ukraine and want to have the opportunity to support them as well.

Our volunteers

Our volunteers from partner organizations and institutions and just responsive persons who joined are brave heroes who risk every day their lives to save the lives of others. We appreciate them a lot and want to support all the effort they put in.

We have a very sad story with a group of volunteers including member of our NGO team, who were brutally shot by the Russian occupiers during the evacuation of families in need.

Bright memory of our heroes

Maxym Kuzmenko
Anastasia Yalanska
Sergiy Ustymenko



Our partners in Ukraine

We have a very vast community of organizations who work on the disability topic and also who work with Youth (like we also do). We have connections and network all over Ukraine by volunteering’s activities and EVS, ESC programs.

We have a contacts with organizations from Sumy and Kharkiv – one of the hottest points of the war. And they have so many request in different facilities needed which we cannot process ourselves.

Our community helps us to provide help within Ukraine

We are now raising funds for the following urgent needs and actions

  • Direct support of families in extra need in additional hard life circumstances (with many children, with one parent, with people with disability or other health problems).
  • People who escaped from destroyed cities or were evacuated  and have no funds or property. There more than 10 000 families just from Chernigiv who needs extra support. This city it is one of destination we want to help as much as we can. It is very difficult to evacuate people and we put our efforts and support. Also through the network of volunteers we want to support people who stayed without electricity and food. They need to be provided with generators, warm clothes, food, hygiene supplies, protective equipment and more.
  • Support and organization of evacuation from dangerous places in Ukraine
  • With our partner Youth Organization Vidrada, in association with a network of social services in Kyiv, who already are  providing a families  of crisis categories (primarily with disability and hard life circumstances)  plus families who have moved from Kyiv region, Kharkiv, Chernigiv are in need of humanitarian assistance in IPD’s camps in Kyiv. They currently need the following products: rice, pasta, turkey, salt, vegetable oil, canned fish and meat, cookies, tea, bread, baby food and mixtures, diapers, pads, toothpastes, brushes, soaps, shower gels, dishwashing detergents, laundry detergent, toilet paper. Every day groups of volunteers buying these items to support families and to bring it by private transport. So we want to support their work and support those families. There are more than 8000 people constantly and every day different number of IDP’s who stay for night or two and move to safer places.
  • Creating and supporting IDP’s camps with place, food, equipment and all they need.
  • With our partner from city Mykolaiv – NGO Iskra, we want to support local people who are staying in underground shelters
  • Support of the cities in the hardest conditions. We have requests from our partners every day. In city Summy they urgently need sleeping bags or warm blankets for underground shelters, medicine, warm cloth , underwear, everything that can be heated and have light (gas burners, gas-filled cylinders, rechargeable lamps, dry alcohol and spirits, candles, matches, lighters, etc. Water, bread (pita, crackers), fast food and thermal utensils, canned meat and fish, tea, coffee. We receive similar requests daily from the cities of Kherson, Kharkiv, Irpin, and many others.
  • We don’t want to limit our opportunities to help and want to be able to answer every small or big urgent request that we can receive from every corner of our country from every single person in need. We believe that if we can save at least one life our effort and job is very useful.

We already acomplished

So far, with the support of our partners in Germany NGO TERRA TECH and arche noVa – Initiative for People in Need we have received two tranches of project funding of € 32,000 and € 50,000.

We have launched a charity campaign to collect donations to our organization and the personal account of the organization’s president Olena Manko (this option speeds up the procedure and urgency of operations).

We appeal to you to join our efforts

We will be grateful for any support in any amount. And we are ready to provide you with photos, stories, and contacts of our recipients. We believe that we are doing the right thing in this difficult time and can improve at least a little bit the lives of people in need. Any single euro can be a loaf of bread that save lives.

We are very grateful to each of you, your organizations and countries for the help to Ukraine. We know that all of you are doing the best you can.

We stand together for a better future

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For information, please contact Olena Manko, president, ESC coordinator, NGO Unit, tel. +380634006638, E-mail: o.manko@ngo-unit.org

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