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Our priorities

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We organize projects aimed to support social initiatives in the area of education, human rights and development of civil society

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We work for the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities in the process of building our society and country

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We create and conduct training courses using innovative methods of education and adding the elements of art and creativity

Vibrant moments

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Training course “Do it yourself”

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Youth exchange “Green Delivers”

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Training course “DEAL – Dialogue, Education, Animation through Legends”

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Training course “Migration = Challenge of modernity”


Project announcements

April 4, 2022 No Comments

Support Ukraine – opened fund raising

Dear friends, as you know, our organization is now focused on helping our country! With the resources of our team and with the help of our partners, we continue to provide financial and humanitarian support to those who currently need it most – families with children with disabilities, the elderly, families deprived of their homes […]

March 23, 2022 No Comments

Standing with Ukraine: how to help Ukrainians and support activities of NGO Unit

We all know that the situation in Ukraine now is terrible. Our country is in a state of war started by Russia 8 years ago, which grew into the full-scale destruction of the country and killing of civilians. Our citizens are actively joining volunteering initiatives. Though millions of people lost their homes and were forced […]

July 1, 2021 No Comments

Я Інна, і я знаходжусь на проекті ESC в Каталонії в місті Тортоса

#відгук_волонтера Привіт! Я Інна, і я знаходжусь на проекті ESC в Каталонії в місті Тортоса. Мій проект почався дуже незвично, адже я приїхала саме в перший день карантину і почати жити з незнайомими людьми не виходячи з квартири протягом 3 місяців це ще той собі челендж, але ми вистояли. Насправді під час карантину кожному з […]